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A Red Tutu Kind of Day

We woke up to a gloomy depressing autumn morning.

Grey was the colour of the day, or so it seemed.

Good thing, little T is always full of good ideas.

I want to wear my red tutu mummy!

That’s a great idea T, I agreed with her.

When it is a dreary autumn grey day, wearing a read tutu is a must.


Little T and I can guarantee you that your gloomy day will dissipate.


Where to go when you’re wearing a tutu on a country road?


To the headland of course, but first you have to go through the church yard gates.


This will take you straight through the headland and of course, before we let the dog off the leash, we have to make sure that there aren’t any other furry creatures around.


The coast is clear… Doc is off!


Where is he T?

He’s off chasing imaginary rabbits mum!



This is the spot where you can stand and see little T’s school from afar.


And of course, a walk isn’t complete without a goofy photo from T.


And then its time to go home.

Do you like the colour red?

I do! Especially on a dreary-autumn day like this one.

The Pink Tutu

For the longest time, Little T has been wanting a “ballerina dress” as she calls it.  On Christmas Eve thanks to my lovely sister, she got what she wanted.

We allowed her to open one present on the night before Christmas and she chose this one.   As seen on the photo above, she was a happy little ballerina and even wanted to wear it to bed.  I said no.  But told her she could wear it as soon as she wakes up the next day.

And here she is opening some presents.  She loves Spongebob, can you guess from the look on her face?

And here she is eating her breakfast, was just so relieved she didn’t spill any chocolate sauce on it!

She also asked for a hoover.  We got this little cleaning trolley instead, it has a small hoover, a little broom, a mop and all the other stuff one needs for cleaning.  Who says you can’t wear a pink tutu to clean?  Not even Cinderella, only little T 🙂

And who says Doctors can’t be ballerinas too?  They definitely can in little T’s world!

And be an artist too!

And here she is resting her weary ballerina feet from all that twirling.

When she opened this one, she actually said “He remembered!”  This was the present she wrote to him about on this post.

I have a feeling she’ll be wearing this again and again and again in the days to come.  Thank goodness she hasn’t asked to wear it yet to walk her dog!

Are you ready for the New Year?

We are!

Bring it on.

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