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Word of the Week: Stressful!

The Move

Little T’s room has now been turned into a storage room.  For the past week, she’s been sleeping with me on our bed and the husband has been sleeping on the sofa bed in the lounge.  He likes to get up first thing in the morning to see to his emails without having to disturb T.

We’re down to the basics in the kitchen since most of the things have been packed away.  We’re ready to move on the 22nd.  Hopefully nothing goes wrong, though I’ve heard of horror stories of things going wrong on the day of the move.  A friend of ours found out that his buyer backed out a day before his scheduled move.  I’m confident that won’t happen to us, simply because we know our buyer personally and she has assured us time and again that she won’t do this to us (especially since she knows what went wrong with the first buyer).  We trust her.

In spite of this, things have been rather stressful.  I can’t wait till this is all over and I’m busy unpacking and choosing new wardrobes and other essentials.

Lovely Weather

In other news, the weather has been so good this week.  Although I wasn’t able to enjoy it outdoors, apart form last Monday when we had dinner out (refer to previous post), since my knee is still hurting but hopefully, all will be better next week and the weather will still be fab.

Little T

It’s Sports Relief day today at T’s school.  She’s dressed as a gig-rower, just like her dad.  But insisted on wearing her gymnastics hoodie which she wore last year.  But she’s proud of her badges and I don’t blame her.

Boots the Prodigal Cat

Boots is slowly getting used to being home with us.  She’s fidgety during the day and has been demanding to be let out, but we ignore her, till of course she decides to use my laptop as a step to look out the window:

At night, she likes to wake me up with her purring.  She’ll flop over next to us and then change her mind, waking me up again with the sound of a loud thump on the floor.  She has gained a lot of weight you see, at least I know the old woman fed her well.

As for Doc, he is eager to be her friend.  But Boots likes to give her the “You move and you die!” look.

It’s finally Friday folks!  Phew another week has ended.

Do you have anything lovely planned for the weekend?

The Reading Residence

Moving House: An Empty Shell

As mentioned on the previous post, after two long gruelling years, we have finally sold our house and we are scheduled to move on the 22nd of this month.

I started packing last Saturday and managed to pack all of the books on the shelves in our lounge and some of little T’s toys and books too.  There are still a few books to pack in our bedroom, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to pack.

Our house is looking empty – empty shelves that was once piled up with books.  It’s looking like an empty shell, a carcass of what was once our home.  While we are glad that we have finally sold it, especially after all the drama and everything that has happened, it feels a bit like it is a bitter-sweet feeling. T says it all, “I’m going to miss my old house mum”.  

Of course she’ll miss this house.  This is the only house she’s ever known, ever lived in.  We took her home from the hospital in Exeter to this house.  She learned to do everything here, walk, talk, and run.  This house saw her off on her first day of school.

I’m glad though that she’ll be in school when we move.  Otherwise I have a feeling it will just end in tears.  When she comes home on Tuesday two weeks form now, she’ll be going home to a different house.  And I’m hoping the excitement of the new house will prevail over the sadness of leaving the old one.

As for me, of course I’ll miss this house too.  We never had any intentions of moving down to Cornwall, it was just convenient for us to come down here when we landed from Africa where my husband and I first met as volunteers.  He worked with the Ministry of Education and I was a Communications officer for an NGO in West Africa.  But I won’t bore you lovely folks with all the boring details of how we met, all I want to say is that, this little two-bed-terraced house was my first home in England almost a decade ago.  Our little family is closing an important chapter in our lives and hoping the next one will be as good, or even better than the one we are closing.  I almost feel like breaking into song “Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never brought upon, the flames of love extinguished and fully past and gone ….”   It certainly isn’t the new year, even the Chinese new year is over and done with, but we, our little family of three (four if you include Doc, five if you include Boots, our cat whom-we-have-yet-to-claim-back) is embarking on a new beginning.

Have you ever felt this way?

Ending a chapter in your life and opening another one?

Do share.

My word of the week is: Beginnings.

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