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‘Better than Mary Poppins!’

… exclaimed little T and her friend A, as the applause faded and the final encore was over.  “Hmm, I liked it too, but I don’t think I agree with them”. I whispered to my husband as we waited for the people beside us to move from their seats.  Having said that though, we both thoroughly enjoyed watching Wind in the Willows, the Musical.

Is it really better than Mary Poppins?  No.  But then again, I think it’s unfair to compare it to the show, the film of which starred Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke.  Everybody, well at least, most people know a few lyrics of the songs from that famous musical.  Who hasn’t heard of “Just a spoonful of sugar, makes the medicine go down?”  I bet most can sing to that.

Wind in the Willows is a new musical.  The songs are new and no one in the audience could sing to any of the songs.  The set wasn’t as grand as Mary Poppins, but boy did they deliver in performance!

The cast were superb and the actor who played Mr. Toad, Rufus Hound stole the show.  He was just fabulous, along with David Birrel (Badger), Fra Fee (Mole), Thomas Howes (Ratty), Neil McDermott (who played the Chief Weasel as a World War II era spiv), and Sophia Nomvete (who played Mrs. Otter).  In the book of course, Otter is male and has a son called Portly.  In the musical, Mrs. Otter has a daughter called Portia.

It’s a charming, lovely and entertaining show, with catchy songs and although it’s a pre-run to their West End opening, it is still definitely worth watching.  And I have no doubt that Wind in the Willows in the long run, will also be as big as any of the other West End musicals.


Then again, if T and her friend A (who are both six), not to mention A’s sister (who is nine-years-old) think that Wind in the Willows is better than Mary Poppins, it must be true then.  After all children are known to be brutally honest 😉

You can catch Wind in the Willows at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth.  A must see!