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The School Run

Ever since moving just out of the little village by the sea and into a 400-year-old cottage, school runs now consist of a short drive down a B road.  I use the word “short” lightly, because that all depends on whether we get stuck behind a tourist who likes to break in every corner and once they’ve reached the village, slow down and take a photo from inside their car.  Yes, that happened to us so that ten-minute drive can easily turn into a 20-minute drive!

We’re back in the grind now.  We leave the house around 8:30, if we leave early we always end up waiting around especially since little T’s school just isn’t really strict with time.  I told my husband the other night, as much as I love her school, it sometimes annoys me how long it takes them to ring the bell in the morning.  If they were going to take that long, they might as well serve coffee to the parents and provide chairs outside too!

T is happily settled in school and I also think I’m less of an emotional bundle now that she’s back and loving it again.  We’re all settled, except Doc.  He seems to want to join in the school run in the mornings and always tries to sneak in the car, one of these days, we might just take him along too.  And while we’re at it, might as well take Boots!

Our word of the week is: school-run

Are the school runs also maddeing in your area?

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