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It’s All About Little Alice

This week it’s all been about little Alice in Wonderland.   I’m so proud to share that little T played the little Alice in their school play.  If you’re wondering about why “little” Alice – well you know the part where Alice drinks from a bottle and then shrinks and becomes really small?  That’s little T’s role – the mini Alice!

It wasn’t a speaking role though, the Year 6 girl who played “big Alice” did all the dialogue when she was little and it wasn’t a long part either.


And here’s little Alice going through the small door.


“Now I don’t think it’s funny.  Now – now I shall never go home!”


“Oh eat me.  All right.  But goodness knows what this will do!”


And when she wasn’t little Alice. she played a flower all through out the play, just like the rest of the little ones in reception and year 1.  She was the only one in her class who had a “major” role at the play, never mind if she just played mini-Alice 😉

It may have just been a short role, but my husband and I were so proud of how bravely she stood in front of a big audience.  Yes, this week has all been about Alice.

We were really impressed with all the children, from the little ones to the big ones.  It was a very well rehearsed play.  Well done to the teachers of little T’s school.  It may just be a small village school, but they definitely know how to entertain.


In other news, T’s last day of school is on Wednesday.  Somehow everyone thought it was going to be today.  Turns out, we were all wrong.  Three more days to go for us and the summer holiday begins!

When is your child’s last day of school?

Or is there a particular time when you really feel that the summer holiday has begun?

Do share.


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