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Have you planned your Summer Holiday?

I’m sure by now a lot of families out there have planned if not booked their summer holiday already.   If you’re one of those lucky/organised ones, well done, you guys.  When going abroad, we like to book ours well ahead of time too.  As you know, it’s cheaper that way.  Sadly, we haven’t done any bookings as I type this all because little T and I have to renew our passports, which we hope to get sorted out next week.

As for plans, oh we have loads of those!  After all, planning is free right?  At the moment, we have a few choices up our sleeves.  It’s nice to have alternatives, in case, the first one doesn’t pan out right? Here’s ours.

PLAN A: Spain-Portugal

Go on a road trip again.  The first time we ever went on a road-trip as a family, was when we drove all the way to a remote cabin in Scotland and absolutely loved it.  The second one was a road trip to France (with a day-trip to Belgium).  We stayed in a Eurocamp and did day-trips to Disneyland and Paris, as well as  trips around the beautiful French countryside.  Ah, that was bliss.

This time though, the plan is to drive to Plymouth to catch a ferry to Santander and drive all the way down the Spanish coast to Portugal – doesn’t that sound dreamy?

We love doing road-trips.  I guess one of the reasons is that you can stop anytime, especially if you see something that catches your attention.  It’s easy to just stop and roam around and experience the local culture without having to worry about your schedule too much.  And if that doesn’t work, there’s ….

PLAN B: Train-trip to Eastern Europe

Ever since reading “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kustova, I’ve longed to travel by train to Hungary and Romania and yes, visit Count Dracula’s castle in Bran.  I would love to watch the beautiful countryside/mountains of Eastern Europe.  When I mentioned this to my husband, I was pleased  to know that he’s always wanted to do it too.  But I’m wondering though whether T is too young to appreciate a trip like this one, though I’m sure she’ll enjoy travelling by train.  And then there’s …

PLAN C: Homegrown

This is the easiest and if I’m honest, the most feasible plan.  I have family from the States who might come over this summer and of course, it’s only right that we show them around the UK.

I’ve always wanted to explore Wales, since we’ve never really had the chance apart from staying in Hay-on-Wye and doing day-trips from Bristol.  A close friend who regularly camps in Wales has been inviting us to go with her, so this might just be our chance.

And of course, there’s still so much of the UK that I haven’t explored.  What better way to do it when you have guests right?

As you can see, our plans are still up in the air and I know that time is indeed running out, hopefully we’ll be able to finalize our plans soon.

What about you?

Have you booked your summer holiday?

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A Summer Bucket List

Last Friday’s post inspired me to do a summer bucket list.  Here goes …

1. Gardening.

As some of you may know, we moved into a new house last May.  And while we’re mostly settled, there are still a lot of things to be done, especially outdoors.  The plan is to section the garden where we can plant a few vegetables away from little T’s play area.  That way (hopefully), there won’t be any accidents, like plants being trodden on or broken by a stray ball or child.

I also want to plant some flowers and herbs.  When I say “plant” it mostly means helping the husband out, since he is the one with a green thumb.  I have been known to kill plants by over-watering them.

2. Play Area for T

In the summer time (or maybe even before T breaks up for school), we can finally purchase a trampoline for T and have the time to set it up, and find a proper designated spot for her paddling pool.  You see, most of the garden slopes a bit and we want to find an area that is flat, if not find ways to make it flat.  A paddling pool that tilts won’t be any fun at all.

We also want to set up proper wooden swings in the garden.  We’re lucky to have some trees with branches that look strong enough to hold swings, so hopefully, we’ll be able to put up at least a couple of them for T and her friends to swing in.

3.  Get Organised 

As mentioned, while we are mostly settled and only have a few boxes left, there are still loads to do and stuff to sort out.  The boot room is a mess and you can hardly find anything in our cupboard under the stairs.  Not to mention, pictures, and paintings to be hang on the wall.

4.  Host BBQs and Pool Parties

Once the garden has been tended, the bbq cleaned, it would also be nice to host a few bbqs and pool parties for friends and family.  It helps when you’ve also become friends with the parents of your children’s friends.  When their invited, it’s usually a family affair which is even more fun.

5.  Camping

We love camping.  We also hope to do more of this in the summer break.  Here’s hoping though that the weather will cooperate.  It doesn’t even have to be far, though I would love to go camping somewhere in Wales. But actually, anywhere is good.

6.  Walks on the beach and woods.

We’re lucky to live in by the beach and also some woods nearby.  When the husband isn’t busy, it’s easy for us to just jump in our car and have a little play on the beach, whether it’s rock-pooling, beach combing, or just lazying around on the sand.  Same goes for exploring more of the woods or even some that are a bit of a drive away.

7. Road trips

As mentioned, we also plan to do loads of road trips to Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park.   We’ve never been so we’re really looking forward to that and also exploring the area.  Maybe even staying the night somewhere.

We also plan to utilise our National Trust and English heritage memberships more this summer, especially since we’ve hardly used both this year.

8. Visit London and Watch Matilda

It’s been awhile since we’ve visited the capital.  I think the last time we visited was in December 2014 when we watched The Snowman.  It’s about time we visited again and watched another show, especially since T seems to love musicals.

 That’s about it for now, I won’t be surprised though if I end up adding more to this list, but hopefully, we will be able to tick all of them off before the summer ends.

What about you?

Do you have a summer bucket list too?

Do share.