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The Dreaded World Book Day

I’ve been seeing blog-posts, tweets, IG photos, FB updates of parents who seem to have developed an aversion to World Book day all because the kids have to once again dress-up.  Last time, she went as Elsa during Comic Relief or Red Nosed Day (a   fundraising event for charity here in the UK).

As a first-time mother, I’m not there yet.  I can’t say I’m enjoying it, though it’s lovely to take photos of T all dressed-up.  But I can understand why some mother dread it, especially if they have more than one child to think about.

Imagine my fear when I first asked little T what she wanted to dress-up as on World Book day and she replied “I want to be Anna from Frozen!“.  My mind was racing, I was thinking flipping-ding-dong-bells!  How much will it cost to buy an Anna costume?  Could I buy it second-hand on eBay?  Could I make it?  I remembered someone made costumes for her daughter out of paper.  Could I do that too?  But I’m really crap at doing anything crafty.  That’s beyond my mummy-powers!  

Then I remembered her book “The Night Pirates”.  It’s one of my favourite books of hers.  A charming book about girl-pirates who ask a little boy if he would like to join them for an adventure of fun!  And then inspiration kicked in.

“You could be a girl-pirate!”  I announced this to my little girl, a little bit too eagerly I admit.

“Hmmm.  I’m not sure Mummy!”  The little git darling replied.

“Oh that will be fun!”  I repeated not waiting for her to reply.  I reminded her about her book and even got it to show her how fun it would be to dress-up as a girl-pirate.


“Girl pirates are cool!”  I announced, flipping the pages to show her hoping and praying to all the gods that she’d agree to dress-up as one.


It worked.  Phew.

Thank goodness for that.  Tomorrow, on World-Book-Day my darling girl will go as a rough, tough little girl pirate!  I think it suits her 🙂

Presenting little T’s costume:


Wait a minute, something important is missing from that photo …


Just to make sure we’ve got everything right, here’s a checklist:


I think we’ve got everything covered!  To think we didn’t have to spend a single dime for that outfit.  Her stripey-red top and black trousers are old clothes she’s had for ages. The rest, I have to thank a close friend and her husband who gave little T a “How to dress like a Pirate Kit” complete with bandana, compass and eye-patch, the last time they visited.  “A” if you’re reading this, thank you! 🙂  And the parrot is an old puppet given to T by her grandparents.

Bring it on, World Book Day!

If you are a parent, are you ready for World Book day tomorrow?