A is for Alone

This photo was taken when we visited Tintagel castle a few weeks ago.  I had to squint to make sure that it really was a sail-boat alone in the open sea.  Reminded me so much of one of my favourite poems written by American poet, Muriel Rukeyser:

“Oh grow to know me.  I am not happy.  I will be open:

Now I am thinking of white sails against a sky like music,

like glad horns blowing, and birds tilting, and an arm about me.

There was one I loved, who wanted to live, sailing … ” 

– Effort of Speech Between Two People

I’ve linked this post up with PODcast’s Alphabet Photography Project.

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  1. A ponderous poem to go with ponderous photo. I’m going to be thinking of tilting birds all day. How wonderful to be alone in the wide open water on such a day. #AlphabetPhoto

    • It is indeed… especially on a day like today. It’s actually sunny now in North Cornwall where we live 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  2. City Coastal Life (@CityCoastalLife)

    beautiful, we have sea views here and i never take them for granted, there is something so calming about looking out to sea.

    • Same here. We also live along the coast, though to get sea-views we have to walk a bit (about 5 mins) to get to it. Coincidentally, I’ve just arrived from walking the dog along the coast 🙂 You are so right. Must not take these views for granted!

  3. Such a beautiful scene. It has reminded me of a trip to Tintagel when I was a teenager and I was all caught up in the legend of King Arthur, thanks for the memory prompt 🙂 #Alphabetphoto

  4. Such a fabulous image Dean and a great accompanying poem. There’s always something rather calming about a lone boat at sea – from the beach anyway! Great post, thank you so much for joining in #alphabetphoto

    • Thanks! Yes, there’s something calming about staring out into the ocean especially when the sea is calm 🙂

    • I actually almost missed it. It was more like a dot on the ocean, especially since it was a bit overcast too 🙂

  5. TheBoyandMe

    What a peaceful and beautiful image, I love the sea.


  6. Wicked World of Lucas

    Beautiful photo and how lovely that it reminded you of a special poem – gorgeous x #alphabetphoto

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