Pet Stories: Doc’s Night Out

Our adventurous-sometimes-annoying dog, Doc went missing last Sunday night. We usually let him out once last time before calling it a night.  And Doc being Doc, likes to galavant around for one last hurrah of the day.  I’m guessing he likes to sniff around after doing his business and never really strays, till last Sunday night.

When our movie ended, my husband went out to call for him.  Usually after a few calls, he comes bounding excitedly along.  This time he didn’t.  To be fair, there are times when it takes a while before he comes rushing back, so I told my husband not to wait up for him, thinking I’m such a light sleeper, I’ll hear him coming.

At 12 0′ clock, there was still no sign of Doc, so I stepped outside, into the chilly air.  The moon was still full and gave an eerie glow around the garden.  I called out to him but was met with silence apart from the rustling of the leaves so  I went back in.

1am.  I poked my head out of our bedroom window and gave a little call.  Nada.

Was awoken by my alarm, and got up quickly.  Passed the Historian already busy working in his study, without taking his eyes of his screen he said, “He isn’t home yet”.

I was more puzzled than worried.  We live in a safe area, even if he strayed, he wouldn’t go very far.  I went out and the cold air greeted me, but there was still no sign of Doc.  I got T ready for school and thought that if he isn’t back yet after breakfast, I’d go out and look for him.  But just as my husband was cooking, we heard dogs barking outside.  The farmer’s dogs were in our garden along with Doc.

“Where have you been?”  We asked him, as we let him in.

He gave us a look as if to say, “Oh I just had a night out with the chaps down the road”.

“You’re grounded” I announced and slammed the door which made the poor dog jump.  I was also thankful at least he didn’t smell like shit this time.

Dogs.  You’ve just gotta love ’em.



    • Normally when he has been out for long, he usually comes out really smelly. Yes, thank goodness for that 😉

  1. Fi Ni Neachtain

    I had to laugh when you told him he was grounded. I bet you were worried though, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep!

    • Wasn’t really worried, I knew he’d be safe 😉 Was more worried about him coming home smelling like poo 😉

  2. Oh no, I can imagine how stressful this must have been. I would be worried like mad if my dog went missing.

    My dog is a sheep dog who has never chased a sheep. If she got out she would most probably be dead as she has a crazy obsession to chase cars, she is always almost pulling me into the road 🙁

    • A sheep dog who has never chased a sheep, that is so funny! But yes, chasing cars is a dangerous obsession! I’d be worried too if Doc like that. But thankfully, he’d rather bark at a car than chase it.

  3. Lyndsay-Rose

    Glad to hear he came back. My late dog did this once, he quickly learnt by the look on my face that he was in abit of trouble

    • He is still grounded and is only allowed out for short period of time 😉 Let’s see how long this will last.

    • We think he went down to the farmer’s barns. Thankfully the farmer loves Doc and his dogs are all his friends 😉

    • If it happened in our old house, I would’ve panicked too. But our area is rather safe so I knew he was fine 🙂

  4. Hahaha you’re grounded ‘classic’ lol. I am sure you guys were pretty worried but glad Doc is back home and safe

    • I’d probably be more frantic if it happened in our old house. I’d worry that he was hit by a car or something, but not here. We live in a safe area, thank goodness for that 🙂

    • I did go out, twice. If we still lived in our old neighborhood, I would’ve gone out to search for him. Like I said, we live in a safe area, so wasn’t really worried.

  5. I don’t have a dog, but a friend’s dog got missing last year. Se was so distraught, luckily she found her 2 days later.

    • Thank goodness you guys found your friend’s dog! If we lived in a busy area, I’d be really worried. But he’s safe here 🙂

    • Wasn’t worried at all, like I said we live in a safe place. I’d be worried sick if we lived in a busy area 🙂

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