Life with Boots

It’s been about two weeks now since Boots has re-joined our family.  Just a quick recap for those who don’t know our history with Boots our cat.  She left us over a year ago (we think she was cat-napped by a weird woman who likes to lure other cats in her home.  I’m not making this up, she does exist in our little village by the sea).  But hopefully that’s all in the past now, especially since my husband cat-napped her back


Now she’s back home with us, as if she never left, although I’m not really sure she’s pleased, because we’ve kept her in.  Most of the time, she looks really annoyed and nags to be out again. She’s not allowed outside till we move house and I’m afraid at the moment, it isn’t clear when that is exactly happening.

Boots sleeps with little T and I on our bed and likes to wake me up really early, demanding to be fed.

She also spends her time having staring contests with Doc.  To be fair though, it’s always Boots who leaves the room as if in a huff.  Doc just wants to play, Boots wants him dead.


There’s T trying to distract Doc so Boots could escape. 

Day in and day out, she sleeps on our bed.  Demands to be fed.  I clean up her litter tray and when the sun is out, she likes to sun herself on the windowsill.  She also likes to interrupt me when I’m on my laptop.  She sometimes likes to use it as a step to get to the window sill. Once there, she gives an incessant “meowing” and nags to be let out.  I ignore her of course.  Till she gives up and goes back up stairs with her little bell “jiggling” behind her.

Yes, she is now wearing a cat collar with a bell (so we know where she is) and a tag with our contact details on it.  I sent the husband out to buy one and the man at the pet shop assured us that this is a safe collar.  It is elastic and can break if caught in an emergency.  Of course this won’t stop the crazy woman from taking it off her.  But Boots is chipped and we’re not letting her out till we move.


“Please let me out”  Says Boots.

“Nope, sorry.  Not letting you out”  I reply.

“You are a wicked woman!”  Her eyes tell me.

Evil laughter.

Boots meows “Help” 

Do you have a cat?

Do you keep them in or out?

Do share.


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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. I remember reading about this before 🙂 It is great to see that she is home to stay. Our cat, Gypsy, was an indoor cat until we moved from a very busy area to where we are now. Now we let her out for a few hours a day and she seems happy with that but if she did the same as Boots then we would react in exactly the same way. #AnimalTales

    • We’re waiting to move. Once we’ve moved, we’ll allow her out again. At least away from the cat-woman:)

  2. Such a cute cat. How horrible that she got taken from u. I can see why you want to keep her indoors until u move though.

    • She loves the outdoors. Once we’ve moved and settled, we’ll let her out again.

  3. What a gorgeous cat and what a drama with her being cat-napped! So glad you got her home, thank goodness she came back!!

    • She wouldn’t have gone back if my husband didn’t catnap her back 😉 To be fair though, I think the woman kept her in too.

  4. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the post was going to be about Boots, it still chuckles me about your husband stealing her back. Hope the move happens soon x
    Jenni recently posted…My New Skincare RegimeMy Profile

    • Same here. I’m also more of a dog person, but Boots though I’m very fond of 😉

  5. Oh we’ve had cats “move out” before, one did so after we had the second child – it was a case of not liking the kids. We let her go, she genuinely tried to escape at every point and the couple who had been feeding her (unintentionally – they thought she was stray as she’s always been a slender puss) absolutely adored her. They kept in touch and sent us Xmas cards – they lived 8-9 doors away!! H x
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…IVF :: Stop being assholes about it.My Profile

    • Oh I have no problems with that. But to actually lure other people’s cat in, that I find really annoying. x

  6. Haha! How exciting is Boots’ life?? Not many cats have tales of intrigue & kidnapping to tell! I have a cat & she tends to stay in. She was always a house cat when in a flat. Now in a house & could go out but she isn’t really interested. She gets unceremoniously flung out when she’s being sick, which does not impress her!
    Silly Mummy recently posted…The Egg HuntMy Profile

    • Yep, she’s certainly leading an adventurous life, well at least till the day my husband “stole” her back. Hahaha. I’d rather Boots would turn out more to be like your cat 😉

    • I’m glad Pushkin came home. I do love reading Pushkin btw 😉 Enjoyed a collection of his stories lately. x

  7. Oh Boots – little do you know what you are in for by way of an imminent house move! I do hope she settles once you move and hopefully there are no scary cat women there to cat nap her.

    Thank you for keeping us all up to date with Boots’ antics via #AnimalTales
    Rosie @greenrosielife recently posted…Animal Tales 63My Profile

  8. Boots is a great name for such a cute cat!
    I don’t have cats because I’m allergic to it but I find cats an amazing animal!

    • She has white paws, that’s why we named her Boots. A black cat with white boots 😉

  9. I don’t like cats being kept indoors all the time but yours is only temporary to keep kitty safe from crazy cat lady. Have you had a quiet word with your neighbour? Ask her to leave your pet alone?

    • She isn’t our neighbour I’m afraid. Don’t really know where she lives apart from in the same village. Our next door neighbour knows her and I’m afraid she’s not the the kind you’d have a quiet word with 😉

  10. Oh no, we had to rehome our cat recently because he kept attacking our toddler. It was horrible! I hated having to get rid of him, as I’m an animal lover, but in the end it was the best thing for everyone concerned I think. Bet Boots is counting down the days till you move and he can get out again!

    • That is totally understandable. I would’ve done the same too. We got Boots from our local RSPCA when she was about seven months old and my daughter was only two. I’m not a cat person, but I”m very fond of this cat because she was (and still is) very patient with my little girl who is now five.

  11. Fi Ni Neachtain

    Aww poor Boots longing for the outside world. You’d think she’d be grateful to have a lovely, warm home to laze about in all day 😉 She’s a beautiful cat, I can see why you don’t want her escaping again 🙂

    • She’ll be back out again once we’ve moved and once we’re all settled 🙂

  12. Hi Dean, boots is a nice looking cat and looks like she knows it. I am so glad you managed to get her back from crazy lady and don’t blame you for not wanting to let her out until after the move.


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