The Amusing and yet also Annoying Incidents of Doc

It’s happened twice already.

The first time it happened, I actually chuckled and was more amused than annoyed.  What a smart dog, I even said to myself.

I reprimanded him and of course, he looked guilty and knew absolutely why I told him off.

The second time it happened.

I was not amused.

I was irritated – cross even.

Doc had peed in the bathroom again.

Since it is late autumn, the door to the garden is always shut.

I do let him out every now and then and of course, we go out for his daily jaunts around the headland.

But lately he’s been having these little accidents, not every day, but it’s happened twice already.

I ought to be pleased that he seems to understand that peeing in the bathroom is what is done, though of course we do it in the toilet, he does it on the floor.

And him being a dog, pees exactly in the same spot.

Now overtime I hear his little steps up the stairs, I call after him and remind him not to pee in the bathroom.  He hasn’t done it since.

Does your pet pee in the bathroom too?


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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. hahaha oh no! well at least it’s a little closer than most? – not that it’s a consolation when you still have to clean it up! thanks for sharing #animaltales

  2. How old is Doc? Hopefully it’s just having the door shut but if he can’t hold as long as he used to I’d discuss it with your vet next visit. We keep the back door open no matter what the weather, but if it’s raining one of naughty doggies is just as likely to do it his business right in front of the step as go any further out into the garden.

    • He just turned two. I think it’s just a couple of accidents. But if it keeps happening will definitely mention it to our vet. Thanks!

  3. might be waiting a long time for that :p if you teach him that trick though let me know it will be VERY useful!

  4. ersatzexpat

    Ugh – Perdita is a little like this and I loathe it. Could you try a kitty litter loo seat (some dogs can be trained to use litter trays)

  5. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Dean, on the whole our dogs are good, but accidents have been known to happen. The most recent ‘accident’ did happen in the bathroom, this week I’ve been a little chair bound after twisting my ankle and didn’t see that one of the little dogs wanted to go out and had dropped a whoopsie in the bathroom. Luckily we have marble floors,so it’s not big problem unless it happens too often.

    With a face like that I expect Doc gets away with murder!


  6. Luckily Saari does not pee in the house (touch wood) but Henry, the cat, given half a chance will pee in a box … especially if said box is full of puzzle pieces. The door to upstairs now has to be kept firmly shut and he is put out at regular intervals where he can use the litter tray in the open fronted porch. Such are the trial sand tribulations of having an older cat with dodgy kidneys. As for Doc, I am unsure if I should be cross for him for peeing inside or amazed he worked out the right room to do it in. #AnimalTales

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