K is for Kids


Just like last alphabet photography project post, this was also taken about two years ago.  It was a lovely late spring, warm enough to wear short and cool enough to sit under the sun without worrying about sun-stroke.  This is one of my favourite photos of little T with her friends.  They look like little grown-ups just hanging out together or as the young ones say “just chillin”.

Incidentally, the four of them are all going to reception class together, although T is the youngest (her birthday is on the 26th of August) and will also probably be the youngest in her group.  These kids are growing-up way too fast.

Linking-up once again with the lovely Charly’s #alphabetphotographyproject.


  1. Tarana Khan

    They do grow up fast! Even if you look at photos a year old, they look like they’ve grown so much.

  2. They all look very chilled, what a fab photo. I love that they are all going to school together.

  3. Great photo Dean, you can almost imagine them chatting away to each other. Hearing them discuss things together is just hilarious! Lovely image, thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto

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