The Animals at Crealy Adventure Park

As mentioned on this post, we went to Cornwall’s Crealy Adventure park before the end of Easter break a week or so ago.  Aside from the rides, little T also enjoyed looking at the different animals at Crealy.  Her first stop was to see the reptiles:


I don’t like snakes.  They just make me shudder.  When one of the staff came out with this little yellow snake, a lot of the kids and adults eagerly came up and wanted to hold the it including my husband, T though was content to just look at it and touch it, and not hold it, wise girl of mine 😉  As for me, let’s just say thank goodness my camera has a very good lense 😉


This crocodile looked as if it was ready to pounce on something, but it just stayed in this position the whole time we were there.


And here’s little T and the crocodile eyeing each other up.


This lizard liked to strike a pose.


After the reptiles, T wanted to check out the animals in the barn.


Made me a bit sad actually.  I like seeing ponies and horses out in the open, not locked up in barns although I’m sure they are given daily exercises.  I don’t really like seeing animals in captivity actually, even the reptiles (although I don’t really mind seeing them in enclosed areas), would rather they were out in the wild and in their natural habitat far from meddling people, that’s were they belong, not anywhere near us especially the dangerous ones.

Apart from the animals photographed above, Crealy also has a petting corner, and some deer but T wasn’t interested in seeing them (she’s been before), then after seeing the animals, she went off to look for her friend F and they did all the rides again.


What about you?

Does it also bother you seeing animals in captivity?

Do share.


  1. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    I must say my kids aren’t interested in the animals at Crealy as they have it all here on the farm. Like you I think the horses spend too much time indoors, on hot summer days it feels unfair for them. the reptile house however looks amazing and they have some incredible things in there. #AnimalTales
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Get the Amazing Children’s Educational MagazineMy Profile

    • Of course! You’ve got such lovely animals at the farm. I’m in love with your lambs.

    • I’m content to watching them afar or at least against a glass enclosure 😉

  2. Our nephews rave about their trips to Crealy (the other one not Cornwall).

    I’d prefer horses to be outside, and most places they are, but maybe they were brought in for winter weather? Reptiles I’m not sure fussed about them anyway, so they wouldn’t be top on my list to see. I think as long as they’re all well looked after and suitably it’s fine. I think zoos do a lot of good conservation work as well, although maybe not so much petting places where they’re cooped up. But I’d think the UK followed stricter guidelines given what I’ve heard about other countries..
    Emma T recently posted…Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?My Profile

    • True. Somehow, I’d still prefer to see them in their natural habitat. x

  3. I love your photos, and yes I agree with you, animals in captivity is extremely unfair and inhumane. Animals are not here to entertain us they should be free in nature. I wish people could see that and understand how bad it really is.
    Anna-Maria recently posted…Ivy Park X TopshopMy Profile

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