The 4 Ws: The Wonderfully Weird Weather this Week

It’s been a week of weird weather and there’s really nothing wonderful about it, I just thought the four Ws had a nice ring to it.

One minute it’s all springlike, the next it almost feels like winter decided to make a u-turn and give spring a cheeky little nudge back.

One mum said to me that she took her time to do the morning school run because they had a hail shower as big as pebbles!  Another one said that they woke up to a dusting of snow in their garden.

I’d step out of our house to do our daily walk with Doc all bundled up because of the winter-like cold harsh breeze from the ocean, only to strip off my layers up in the headland, because it suddenly feels like spring again.

The weather here in England has always been a bit like a menopausal woman, one minute cold, the next minute feeling hot.  Or could also be akin to an angst ridden and moody teenager, happy and bubbly, then suddenly turning all sulky and mad for no reason at all.  And this week, that’s exactly what it felt like.  One can never really predict the English weather.

In other news, T is excited because two of her close friends are joining her at her gymnastics class, though of course they’ll be in a different group.  I’m hoping they’ll last like T because it’s nice to be surrounded by good friends isn’t it?  Although to be fair, T has managed to make friends with the girls at her group.

It’s a bank holiday on Monday, that means the kids will have another extra day at home.  Didn’t spring break just happen?  It certainly feels that way to us.  We don’t have anything planned over the three days, all I want to do really is just laze around especially since T has such a bad cough.  Yes, that sounds like a good plan, a grand plan –  laze around from Saturday to Monday, preferably in our pjs.

What about you?

Would you like to laze around in your pjs too?

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  1. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    It’s been bizarre hasn’t it? We were driving halfway across the country earlier in the week and we’d go from blizzards with snow on the ground to spring sun in the space of 5 minutes! Enjoy your weekend – sounds perfect to me!
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…An April trip to St IvesMy Profile

    • Took the dog out for a walk this morning with our friend. It was wintery cold as we stepped out, then rained, but by the time we reached the headland it had stopped and it suddenly felt warm again!

  2. Definitely weird weather, and I’ve only been out once this week. My place in the house is right by the patio doors so I always get to see what’s going on weather wise, pity the view isn’t nicer.
    Anne recently posted…Word of the Week – Star!My Profile

  3. I really can’t get over the weather this week! (How typically British to be discussing the weather!). Thankfully, this internal hot water bottle of a baby means I’m not suffering in the cold – in fact, I’m loving it! I was walking to my hairdresser’s appointment earlier this week without a coat, and it was snowing, and it was LOVELY! I keep grabbing my friends nice cold hands to put on my face to cool it down! They think I’m crazy.

    No major Bank Holiday plans for us here – just concentrating on getting ourselves ready for baby’s arrival! Have a lovely long weekend!
    Little Pickle’s Mom recently posted…Outdoors Adventure – Trespass Backpack ReviewMy Profile

  4. I literally can’t get over the weather we’ve had! Last week we were out in the garden getting a sun tan, this week its rain, hail and snow!! We’ve had to dig out all of the winter coats and boots and it’s back to having the heating on all day! We have plans to go to a scarecrow festival tomorrow but if the weather is bad we wont be going anywhere!!
    laura dove recently posted…Besties forever.My Profile

    • It has been so weird, hasn’t it? … A scarecrow festival? Wow, have never been to one. That sounds fab! Will wait for you to write about it 😉 Hope the weather improves so you guys can have fun at the festival 🙂

    • That is so true. We’ve switched ours off, so it definitely feels like winter! 😉

  5. Lazing around sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend. The weather has certainly been crazy this week – I’ve had to put Jessica back in her winter coat for preschool and she needed a hat and gloves one day this week too! Hope Little T’s cough gets better soon.
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Me and Mine – April 2016My Profile

    • Thanks! T was already wearing her summer dresses in school a week ago. I put her back in tights and dress this week. Hope you have a lovely lazy weekend too. x

    • Oh dear. Hopefully you’re able to finish the shed off this weekend 🙂

  6. The wether this week is a first for me! It didnt snow and yet one day it did and then hail and then it all melted so fast cuz its sunny! Now my skin is back to it suffering state because of the cold =P

    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…That BadgeMy Profile

    • Dean B

      I so agree! Down with layers… or maybe not, especially when the days can still be cold!

  7. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    Hehe, love the menopausal woman comparison – it really is up and down al the time! x
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…This Week #33My Profile

  8. The weather has been very odd. Lazing in pjs Sat- Mon sounds great but don’t think Lucas will be impressed with that idea, he’s wanting to be doing something all the time x
    Jenni recently posted…Baby Born GiveawayMy Profile

    • Dean B

      I’m afraid it didn’t work for my T too. Oh well, a mum can dream 😉

  9. Fi Ni Neachtain

    The weather here in Ireland has been very weird too, I can’t believe we still have the heating on in May. We also had a bank holiday here yesterday and now the kids are off for a week – they’ve just had three weeks off for Easter, crazy!

    • Dean B

      Wow, another week off school? That sounds fab!… Ermmm, depending I guess on how one sees it 😉 x

    • Dean B

      I know… But it definitely feels like it is happening right now. If the weather is correct, it will actually feel like summer over the weekend! 😉

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