How to make a Miniature Garden

When our close friend S was up for a visit a few weeks ago, she taught little T how to make a miniature garden.  This by the way, is a great activity for your little one to get to know wild-flowers and also to be out and about, discovering nature in the open.

Collect Wild Flowers:


Luckily for us, at this time of the year, the headland is abundant with wild-flowers.  But of course, only pick the ones that are not rare and aplenty.



Watch out for bees, if not disturbed, they won’t disturb you either, like this bee who was so busy collecting nectar, it didn’t even care when we fussed around it.


Little T absolutely enjoyed collecting flowers with her Auntie S.  Too bad I was too busy taking photos that I didn’t even pay attention to their names.

Things you’ll need:

Once you’ve collected enough wild-flowers for a small little garden, make sure that you also have the following:

  • Rocks of different sizes to decorate your garden.  After all, a garden is not just all about flowers too, right?
  • A plastic tray that’s deep enough to hold everything.
  • A little bit of compost/garden soil.
  • And lastly, ask your little one to choose some of their small toys/little people (if they have little toy fairies and other woodland creatures, all the better) to decorate their pocket-sized garden.

Arrange and have fun!

  • Put the soil in first.
  • Then arrange the stones and flowers the way you would arrange plants in your garden.
  • Then put the toys in to make it look like it is indeed a miniature garden with little people living in it.


Here’s what it looks like up-close.


And here’s little T so pleased with the finished product, she’s actually doing her silly-face.  She spent hours playing with her little garden and little toys.  A word of warning, explain to your kids that this won’t last.  T’s garden is still outside, already wilted.  But she had about three fun-filled days with it!

Do you think this is something your little one will enjoy?


  1. What a fabulous idea! I love this idea for creating a fairy garden to play with and it is also a great way of helping little ones discover wildflowers too. Little T looks like she had a wonderful time creating her pretty garden 🙂

    • Oh you must, especially since you can find everything you need already in your huge garden 😉 x

  2. Coombe Mill

    How absolutely adorable. I keep thinking of doing some miniature gardens for Activity hour, I love the look of yours, it looks quite magical and a beautiful spot to go collecting the flowers too. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. I was thinking of these the other day as it was always a school project for me when I was young.
    I have got some great tips on making one with my little ones now thank you #CountryKids

  4. What a brilliant idea, I have been looking at buying seed for Josh to grow but I just think he’s a little young to understand he has to wait for them to grow .. but this would be perfect will definitely have a go at this!

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