A Bunny Rabbit takes the dog out for a walk


This is the bunny.


This is the dog.


And together, they went out for a walk.


First the bunny hopped, or more like, ran as fast as she could after the dog.


But the dog was way faster than the bunny.


“Up this way” says the bunny.  The dog replied “Woof” and followed the little bunny up the path.


Until they reached the headland …

“Why do I have to be on my leash?”  Asked the dog.

The bunny said, “Because you’ll frighten the cows!”

“But all I want is to come up to them and say hello”

“That’s the point”, says the Bunny.  But the dog, couldn’t understand, what’s a “point” got to do with it?  He wanted to say hi, not point.  Pointing is rude!


“Just walk right behind me”  The bunny instructed.

“This is not fun at all” grumbled the dog.

“I want to run around like a loony”

“Well, you can’t”

“Why?” Asks the dog.

“Because I said so!”


“Let’s go home!”  Says the bunny.

“That’s a good idea” agreed the dog and thought to himself, “That’s better than walking in a leash behind you!”

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

 Did you do anything fun last weekend?



  1. Ah our lovely coastline, I haven’t done this for too long now, well done Bunny racing to keep up with the dog. Lovely photos, which stretch of coast is it, it looks familiar? Thanks for joining me for Country Kids.

  2. This is great, Dean! I’m so so envious of that beautiful scenery and fresh air. What an amazing place to step out to… *sigh* one day we’ll have a house in the country x


  3. travelingchristie

    Ah so cute, isn’t it lovely to see a relations bloom between your children and pets x

    • Yes, Doc loves the cows. He just doesn’t get it that the cows don’t reciprocate his feelings!

  4. LOL – nice one! Harry is still on lead walks after several incidents of chasing what actually appeared to be non-existent hares. He doesn’t understand “the point” either. Doc and he would be a right pair together I think!
    Many thanks for joining in with #AnimalTales … and adding a bunny this time too 🙂

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