What the Little T said …

Little T loves plasters, especially pink ones or plasters shaped like animals or plasters with her favourite characters on them like Peppa Pig or Sponge Bob.  She’ll pretend that she has a wound and then demand for a plaster.


Every time this happens, I would stop what I’m doing and check her “wound” even if I know that she hasn’t really hurt herself.  And if we don’t give in and give her a plaster, she’ll say …


Yes, she is a bit of a drama-queen.


Last night she asked me if I wanted to bath with her.  I explained that I couldn’t, because of my monthly period.  We usually don’t have any problems with bath time, tonight however she announced, “I want to be disgusting mummy!  I don’t want to bath!”  And then she changed her tune and said that “actually” (she likes to use that word) she can’t have a bath.  I asked her why, she said “Because I have my period mummy”   When I explained to her what a monthly period was, she looked at me and said “I’m just pretending!”

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    • She’s funny alight 🙂 When she says things like “If you don’t do so and so, I’ll die!” makes me think she’s actually 13 and not 3!!!

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